Animal Rescues


Here is a list of Animal Rescues by County showing the rescues:


Contact Information
Where to view the animals online

For some of the rescues this information was not available. In these cases I have stated 'Not Known'. If you have any updated information or you see any incorrect information in relation to any of the rescues please Contact us so that we can update the details. Remember a dog is for life! If everyone thought this way there would be no need for pounds and rescues and needless amounts of dogs killed each year. Click here for more information you should consider before rehoming a dog.

Please contact the rescues directly for their adoption requirements.




Breed Specific Rescues

Amateur Sheep Dog Society Ireland

Yorkshire Terrier Rescue Ireland

Glenn of Imaal Terriers

Irish Cavalier Rescue

Westie Rescue

Northern Ireland Boxer Rescue Society

Akita Rescue NI 

Breed Specific Rescues On Facebook


 Trudy adopted from Sligo Animal Rescue .  She was badly treated prior to going into rescue and was even shot in the eye with a pellet gun. She is now living happily with Susan.