Find animal rescues in your area

With most of Ireland's rescues listed you are sure to find one in your area. Get in touch with your local rescue if you want to adopt, foster, or volunteer


Thinking of getting a new pet? We have most of Ireland's many rescues and pounds listed in our directory so that you can get in touch with them easily. 


Have you come to the difficult decision to find a new home for your pet? Found an abandoned pet and want to find a new home for it? Or are you running an animal rescue or pound and want to find homes for the animals in your care? No matter what the situation hopefully we can offer some useful advice. See our rehome section for more information. 


Would you love to have a pet but can't commit to one for its life time? Fostering is a great alternative. It helps to get a pet ready for its new home and also frees up space at the animal rescue so that they can take in more pets in need. Get in touch with your local rescues for details for more information on how to foster. 


Have you got some free time and love animals. Most rescues are in need of help. You can walk dogs, play with cats or organise a fundraising event. There are lots of options. Get in touch with your local rescue to see what help they need. 

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