Kobe Adopted by Mary from Limerick Animal Welfare
The adoption process is different for pounds and rescues.

Remember a dog is for life! If everyone thought this way there would be no need for pounds and rescues and needless amounts of dogs killed each year. 




 Kobe (pictured) Adopted by Mary from Limerick Animal Welfare


Adopting from the pound

To adopt a dog from a pound you need to purchase a dog licence, pay a fee if applicable - generally 20 to 60 euro, and bring some ID. The dog will be rehomed in the same condition as it entered the pound. The majority of pounds do not vaccinate, spay/neuter or microchip the dog.

Adopting from a rescue

The rescue process is much different. Each dog that is taken into a rescue will be vaccinated and micro chipped. They will be spayed/neutered if well enough or if they are old enough. They will also be treated for worms and fleas. The dog can be assessed with other dogs, cats and children to see what potential homes would be suitable for it.

To adopt a dog from a rescue you will be required to complete an adoption questionnaire. On this you will give information about yourself, your household and what type of dog you are interested in adopting. Here you can detail energy level or size of dog that would suit you and your lifestyle.

After the adoption questionnaire has been completed the animal rescue will arrange for a volunteer to complete a home check. This is done to insure that what you have said on the questionnaire is correct. For example, there have been cases were a rescue has stated a dog cannot be rehomed to a house with children as it is not used to them. The potential adopter stated on the questionnaire that they had no children. When the volunteer arrived for the home check the potential adopter actually had three children under the age of 8. This wastes the time of the potential adopter and the volunteer but shows exactly why the home check is required.

A problem that some people have with adopting from rescues is the cost. You will often hear ‘If I am adopting why do I need to pay? Am I not helping you by taking the dog?’

Your donation covers kennelling, food, vet bills, spay/neuter, micro-chipping and vaccination of your dog. Rescues are a non-profit organisation and are always in real need of extra funds. Chances are the required donation will not even cover the costs paid by the rescue for the care of the dog during its time there. The more you give ensures that they can pay the cost of the next dog they will take in too.